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RV Safety

Wheel Chocks and Leveling

When backing up or pulling into a campsite with your travel trailer or fifth wheel, stop at the approximate spot where you plan on parking the unit. Check the leveling from side to side. If it is not level, pull forward or back about an foot. Put

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Tire Failure

TIRE FAILURE After examining hundreds of RV tire-failures over the years, we have discovered that most tires are under rated for the overloaded weight of the RV. Tire manufacturers also recommend replacing the RV tires after five to seven years of service or if any tire cracking

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Weight Ratings and Limits

WEIGHT RATINGS AND LIMITS Ratings are the limits established by the vehicle manufacturer, which are not to be exceeded. Ratings are based on structural strength, braking power, stability, control issues and performance. Exceeding a rating invites unsafe conditions, potential damage, may void a warranty, complicate an insurance

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Safe Operation Of Your RV

SAFE OPERATION OF YOUR RV FIRE PREVENTION Always properly maintain the RV, including often-overlooked engine maintenance. Never keep flammable materials around the stove, generator, or any other electrical components. Always keep the appliances, including the generator, clean and operating properly. Always turn the LP gas system off

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