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Wheel Chocks and Leveling

When backing up or pulling into a campsite with your travel trailer or fifth wheel, stop at the approximate spot where you plan on parking the unit. Check the leveling from side to side. If it is not level, pull forward or back about an foot. Put leveling blocks at the tires on the low side of the unit and pull onto the blocks. Verify the unit is level side to side and chock the wheels front and rear. Disconnect the unit and adjust the front jacks so the unit is level front to rear. Added stability can be encountered by leaving the front of the unit slightly low and extending the rear stabilizers, then adjust the front jacks back to level. This applies a little more load on the stabilizers to reduce rocking of the unit. It is important that the rig is level to avoid damaging the refrigerator cooling unit and for drains to work properly. Travel-trailer owners need to know to block the back and front of the tires on both sides of the vehicle, while parked at their campsite. Weight distribution through-out the camper will shift while you are enjoying the amenities of your home on the road. If the weight happens to be concentrated in the rear of the camper, well the front may pop up and you might find yourself taking an unplanned tour of the campground.