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Campground Etiquette

Before you make reservations, we recommended asking about the campground and RV park rules and security provisions. This assures that you and your family knows what to expect when vacationing. When checking in, obtain a copy of the rules and review the rules with your family and make sure everyone understands them. Disobeying campground rules can result in fines and expulsion. Please remember that the rules were made for a reason, even if they seem meaningless. Experienced and respectful campers know that most rules are just common courtesy. It is very frustrating when a neighbor disobeys basic courtesy rules that keep the neighbors happy. Remember to treat others like you would like to be treated. Your neighbor at one campground might be your neighbor at another campground as well. Also, realize that most campgrounds and RV parks have varied security and safety measures. When making reservations ask if if the area is safe and if they have security gates or cameras and is it well lit at night? The safety of you, your family and your RV is important, therefore you should take the extra precautions for safety. Installing motion detector lights on your RV will help to deter intruders and animals. While walking around the RV park and surrounding areas, use the buddy system and tell your children how to be safe also. Give them instructions about where to go for help. To gain great memories, from your RV trips, taking a few extra steps will ensure the safety of you and your family. Always respect other fellow camper’s sites, RVs and privacy. Even if walking through a campers RV site is quicker, You should always walk around occupied sites, even if it is quicker to cut through, to be polite. Imagine how startling it would be to see someone you don’t know walking past your door! Almost all campground’s or RV parks have quiet hours. Follow those! Avoid playing noisy games or listening to the radio outside during the quiet hours. Noises are often louder than you think. Make sure your pets are quiet as well. To keep your neighbor’s happy clean up after your pet as well. No one likes to step in your pets animal waste left on the ground. When leaving always lock the doors! It doesn’t matter if you’re only taking a walk around the campground. A campground is just like a neighborhood. You don’t know who your neighbors are therefore you don’t know if you can trust them Whether traveling across the country or just taking a day trip across the state, taking a few safety precautions will ensure a that you and your family have a great memorable vacation..