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Drinking Water Filters

Filtering Drinking Water

There are many health reasons to be concerned about the water we drink, especially with an Recreational Vehicle. You and your RV travel and stop at many destinations, that will have many water quality issues. There is not any way to know the health risks that may be encountered from the local water supply, or especially the contaminants introduced from the campground. Freshwater sanitation of your RV is equally important to maintain a clean water system. I recommend installing the best water filtration systems available. A dedicated filtered water drinking tap and ice maker line run from the water filter is very important.

Most water filtration systems only filter contaminants by physically straining the water. A much better system is called the Metal Trap Ultra Dual Filtration system by Hydropure Technologies. This system works for city water and well water systems. This system works on the principal of chemical oxidation, absorption and ion exchange, whereas it removes and traps the unwanted contaminants. This is a two stage system, whereas the first stage filters iron, copper, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell) from most well water systems. It also removes chlorine, chlorinated organic compounds, herbicides, pesticides and residual pharmaceuticals

As water enters the second stage, activated carbon filters down to one micron. The activated carbon filters out the foul tasting and potentially harmful chemicals and contaminants. This one micron sediment filter will remove dissolved calcium particles, oxidized metals, viruses, bacteria and fine silt.

These water filtration systems have good installation instructions, quite easy to install and work . exceptionally well. The RV system is rated for 6000 gallons and a larger version is available for your home rated at 14,000 Gallons.