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Important RV Tips

IMPORTANT RV TIPS Most recreational vehicles are equipped with a Dometic or Norcold heat absorption refrigerator. Contact the manufacturer to find out if your RV refrigerator has a safety recall. The refrigerator model number, product serial number and the cooling unit serial number will need to be

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Winterizing The Fresh Water System

Winterizing the Fresh Water System Protecting the RV plumbing system from freezing is important to avoid costly repairs. Below is a list of a few items required and the procedures to perform this service. Two to three gallons of non-toxic RV/Marine Anti Freeze. Length and layout of

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First Post

Welcome to RV Trax education. On this site, we will be discussing and educating you about all aspects of Recreational Vehicle ownership, including buying a new or used RV, troubleshooting, operations and maintenance of the RV and all the appliances and accessories for all Recreational Vehicles, Travel

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