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Basic Propane Leak Test

Basic Propane Leak Test The LP Propane system is very important for appliance operation of your RV. It has the potential to be explosive and deadly. Never smoke or have any ignition sources present when filling or servicing a LP System. The propane system must be inspected

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Weight Ratings and Limits

WEIGHT RATINGS AND LIMITS Ratings are the limits established by the vehicle manufacturer, which are not to be exceeded. Ratings are based on structural strength, braking power, stability, control issues and performance. Exceeding a rating invites unsafe conditions, potential damage, may void a warranty, complicate an insurance

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Safe Operation Of Your RV

SAFE OPERATION OF YOUR RV FIRE PREVENTION Always properly maintain the RV, including often-overlooked engine maintenance. Never keep flammable materials around the stove, generator, or any other electrical components. Always keep the appliances, including the generator, clean and operating properly. Always turn the LP gas system off

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Battery Maintenance

BATTERY MAINTENANCE Batteries are a common problem in a recreational vehicle. This is especially true when an RV is being stored and is not plugged into a shore power source. For your RV to operate smoothly, it is essential that you have a good 12-volt DC (Direct

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Buying A New RV

BUYING A NEW RECREATIONAL VEHICLE Most dealers do not provide the information necessary for an RV’er to get full knowledge of owning and operating an RV. One of the most important things for you to do, is plenty of research on the brand of RV you are

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Roof Inspection and Maintenance

Metal and Rubber Roof Inspection and Maintenance Tips Spring is the time of year when most RV’ers are taking out their Recreational Vehicle after the cold winter season, and it is the time of year when bi-annual inspections and maintenance should be performed. One important and commonly

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