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Making RV Window Curtains

Making Wall-Mount Curtains for an RV Making and sewing wall mounted curtains for an Recreational Vehicle is not very different than sewing curtains for a regular window. The main difference is the method of installation for the RV curtains. Wall mounted curtains for a Recreational Vehicle usually

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How to Make RV Front Window Curtains

How to make RV Front Window Curtains RV furnishings can become boring if they are not updated. Making new curtains can help with the look of your RV. Recreational Vehicle front windows have a Track System for the curtains to mount on. Custom curtains give you a

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De-Winterizing Fresh Water Supply

Removing Antifreeze from Fresh Water System after Winterizing When putting your Recreational Vehicle back into service after winterizing, it is important to flush the fresh water system of all the Anti freeze used to winterize and protect the fresh water system from freezing, Following a few steps

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RV Electrical Shocks

If you have ever experienced an electrical shock when you touch your RV, or while entering or exiting your RV, there is a safety concern to avoid injury or possible electrocution. This is a condition called “Hot Skin” and is often caused by the wiring in the

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Water System Sanitation

WATER SYSTEM SANITATION It is not uncommon for RV owners to complain of bad water. The first sign of contaminated water systems is usually a bad taste, followed by odors emanating from the water supply. Bacteria may have built up in the water tank, especially if the

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Refrigerator Maintenance

RV Refrigerator Maintenance Tips The absorption style RV refrigerator requires very little maintenance, but there are some things that you can do to maintain proper operations. The most important tip is only operating the refrigerator while your RV is level and to keep it clean, preventing any

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