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How to Make RV Front Window Curtains

How to make RV Front Window Curtains

RV furnishings can become boring if they are not updated. Making new curtains can help with the look of your RV. Recreational Vehicle front windows have a Track System for the curtains to mount on. Custom curtains give you a wide range of prints and colors to chose from and can brighten the living area. Custom window treatments give the RV a personalized one of a kind style.


  1. Measure the width of the front window or the track length if it is a wrap around style for the side windows. Place the measuring tape on the top left corner of the window or track and carefully, following any contours, measure to the opposite corner. Record this measurement. Double this number. This is your curtain width.
  2. Measure the height of the front window from the top corner to the bottom corner, or from the upper Curtain Track to the top of the dash. Add 3 inches to this measurement for the top and bottom helms. This is the curtain fabric length.
  3. Cut a piece of fabric that equals the length and width measurements. Multiple panels of fabric may be required to meet the width measurement. If this is required add ½ inch to the width measurement for every panel, thus allowing for ¼ inch seams to join the panels.
  4. Place the curtain fabric on a flat surface with the back side up. Turn the short ends of the fabric to the back side ¼ inch. Press in place and stitch with the sewing machine.
  5. Place the curtain fabric on a table with the back side up and hem the top and bottom edges. Fold the top edge back ½ inch and press in place. Turn another 1 inch and secure with pins. Machine stitch in place. Repeat the same steps for the bottom edge.
  6. Add Grommets to the top edge, (and bottom if required), of the curtain fabric. Start at the left edge about ½ inch from the top. Position a grommet every inch. Make a hole in the center with a Punching Tool from the Grommet Kit. If necessary, add grommets to the bottom of the fabric in the same manner. Line the top and bottom grommets up. The curtain is ready to hang on the existing front window tracking system. Curtain Track, Curtain Sliders, and Curtain Stops can be purchased as required.


Tips and Warnings

You can add character and style to the curtains with appliques, tassels, trims and beads. You can make curtain holders secured with Velcro to tie the curtain back when not in use.

Choose fabrics designed withstand lots of sun. These fabrics are fade resistant and the colors will last longer than other types of fabrics.


Congratulations, you now have custom one of a kind front window curtains that you can be proud of.