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Yearly archive for 2011

Wheel Chocks and Leveling

When backing up or pulling into a campsite with your travel trailer or fifth wheel, stop at the approximate spot where you plan on parking the unit. Check the leveling from side to side. If it is not level, pull forward or back about an foot. Put

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Fresh Water Pump Noise

RV Fresh Water Pump Noise Most RV’s are equipped with a fresh water storage tank and a on demand fresh Water Pump , which provides satisfactory service for most RV’ers. A common complaint is the noise and vibrations associated with the pump usage. Newer recreational vehicles are

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Exercising The Generator

Exercising the RV Generator Generators are a convenient and important accessory for your Recreational Vehicle that makes it a self contained unit. With a little maintenance and regularly starting the RV Generator, you will be rewarded with many hours and years of service. Today’s fuels absorb water

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Drinking Water Filters

Filtering Drinking Water There are many health reasons to be concerned about the water we drink, especially with an Recreational Vehicle. You and your RV travel and stop at many destinations, that will have many water quality issues. There is not any way to know the health

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Wall Mounting a Flat Screen TV in your RV

Wall Mounting a Flat Screen TV   Instructions:   Purchase the television Wall Mount Kit. Locate the studs in the wall where you want to hang the TV. Measure the height where you would like the television mounted and mark location with a pencil. Take out the

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Making RV Window Curtains

Making Wall-Mount Curtains for an RV Making and sewing wall mounted curtains for an Recreational Vehicle is not very different than sewing curtains for a regular window. The main difference is the method of installation for the RV curtains. Wall mounted curtains for a Recreational Vehicle usually

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