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RV Refrigerator Repair

RV Refrigerator Repair Tips The following information is basic tips to aid in diagnostics and repair of your RV refrigerator. These types of repairs should be performed by a professional RV technician. We cannot accept any liabilities from lack of information or injuries caused from the following

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RV Furnaces

FURNACES A major concern for RV’ers is a furnace quitting during the cold of winter. There are some basic checks before calling for service. Furnaces require a good 12-volt DC supply to operate. See the article BATTERY MAINTENANCE. If the furnace does not blow at all, check

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RV Air Conditioners

RV AIR CONDITIONERS Air Conditioner (A/C) questions and problems are very common to most RV’ers. Often, with little maintenance these units provide many years of efficient operation. Most RVers complain that the A/C is not cooling the way that it should and ask for it to be

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RV Water Heaters

PILOT MODELS If your pilot model water heater is not operating properly, first check if the stove or other gas accessories are working, to verify proper gas operation. Sometimes these units have an air lock that will require an extended pilot lighting procedure. The gas valve being

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Tire Failure

TIRE FAILURE After examining hundreds of RV tire-failures over the years, we have discovered that most tires are under rated for the overloaded weight of the RV. Tire manufacturers also recommend replacing the RV tires after five to seven years of service or if any tire cracking

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Propane Gas Basics

PROPANE GAS BASICS The propane (liquid petroleum) gas system is very important in a RV. The system is safe and reliable when maintained and used properly. Following are some basic tips:  When opening a LP tank valve, open by turning very slowly. This will prevent a

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